Planet Underground was originally a radio show, created by Techno Dj/Producer, Matthieu-F.
Hosted on Techno Fm then Optical radio since 2007.

Matthieu-F and Keita Sato, both from the London Underground Techno Scene, decide to join venture in 2017 to create a Record Label mixing both their skills and music taste.

Pushing the boundaries of Electronic sounds, this is Deep, Emotionally charged, Quirky and Contagious Techno, delivering a great Asian-Western European fusion. 



The Planet Underground Record label Owner coming from the London Underground scene has been spinning records and producing music since 1996.
Moving quickly into production, Matthieu-F managed to put his name on a few record labels such as Midi-Sync recording, Drumworks records, Freshgrind Records and Stomper to name a few.
He creates Planet Underground radio show in 2007, broadcasting from is home studio to start with, then approached by Techno Fm, Matt will move his show on their platform for a number of years before finally landing on Optical Radio.
In 2017 Matthieu-F takes the decision for Planet Underground to take another direction and after asking his old friend and Produceur from Japan Keita Sato to become his associate, Planet Underground becomes a record Label.

Planet-Underground co-owner and talented Man from Japan, Keita Sato has managed to put his name on many record labels such as:
DataBlender (London) and Mona Records (Spain,Madrid).
A musician at heart, Keita moved to london in the late 90's to pursue his dream in the music industry.
He flirts with Techno music and the London Underground scene and falls in love with it.
This is where he meets Matthieu-F, builds a strong relationship with him throughout the years and becomes a regular Dj guest on Planet Underground radio show, which leads to an offer made by Matthieu-F he cannot refuse.

Keita Sato

aka Buddhahood


Thierry Dellys aka Dj Tchie joins Matthieu-F and Keita Sato in 2018.
A dedicated supporter of Planet underground, Thierry caught Matthieu-F's attention with his dark Techno style and approach.
Thierry is very present in the Techno scene and has multiple radio shows included FNOOB Radio.
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